We are now at unique time in history where the barriers to entry into space are falling, and space exploration and development is moving from a government-focused, long-term endeavour to a private and commercial focused effort ripe for short and medium-term investments. In 2018, several companies including SpaceX, Blue Origin, and Google, will be showcasing new space related technologies that will be opening up new commercial opportunities.


NewSpace Capital believes it is in the right place and the right time to take advantage of these new business endeavours.


 Investment Overview

The NewSpace Team invests in space and related technology businesses that have strong potential for significant revenue and operating growth that will help empower humanity’s dream of space exploration and development, putting South Texas at the forefront of the new space movement.
The NewSpace team, composed of multi-disciplinary, international leaders and collaborators, aims to leverage its technical and operational expertise to source, diligence, and manage investments and seek a successful return.


 Investment Focus

• Advanced Analytics (Big Data)
• Remote Sensing
• In Orbit Systems/Services (Satellites (big and small), Power Sources, Spacecraft Components, Communications)
• Spaceports and Spaceport Services (Security, Safety, Launch Services, Communications)
• Just in time Training/Augmented Reality/Space-inspired video games
• Lunar Development
• Energy
• Environment/Sustainability
• Health/Medicine/Bio-Tech